ShopUp raises $75 million in Bangladesh’s largest funding mission to empower small businesses in Bangladesh

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Commerce platform ShopUp has raised $75 million in Bangladesh’s largest funding mission to help empower small businesses. This is one of the largest investments for a Bangladesh-based startup and is seen as a major win for the nation’s burgeoning tech industry.

With this investment, ShopUp will be able to expand its services and widen its reach. In addition, this investment indicates that Bangladesh is ready to compete with some of the more established technology hubs in the region.

Commerce platform ShopUp raises $75 million in Bangladesh’s largest funding

ShopUp is a commerce platform based in Bangladesh that is focused on empowering small businesses. It is the largest commerce platform in the country and gives merchants access to digital tools such as website builders and customer relationship management systems. In addition, the platform provides e-commerce services for merchants and helps them become more efficient and successful.

ShopUp recently raised $75 million from investors including venture capital firm Sequoia India, global investment firm GP Bullhound, global private equity firm Index Ventures, accelerator program 500 Startups, and angel investor Samir Bhatia among others. This was Bangladesh’s largest funding mission to date, putting ShopUp at the forefront of the nation’s e-commerce space. The funds will be used to further develop its platform and operations to better serve its customers, particularly the small business owners who use it to manage their online stores.

ShopUp CEO Kaberi Kar Gupta stated that this raise will help them continue investing in technology advancements that benefit their customers: “We are putting together innovative new solutions for our customers so they can grow their businesses with confidence thanks to modern technology while also leveraging our sophisticated networks to reach potential new customers across Bangladesh. We are thankful for this funding here as it allows us to achieve our long-term mission of bringing digital transformation within reach of everyone”.


Commerce platform ShopUp has raised $75 million in Bangladesh’s largest funding mission. The mission led by US-based venture capital firm TCV and Stockholm based Kinnevik marks a significant milestone for ShopUp.

The funds will be used to empower small businesses in Bangladesh and help the platform maintain its position as the leading ecommerce platform for SMEs in the region.

Details of the Investment

ShopUp, a commerce platform founded in Bangladesh to connect small businesses with banks and vendors, recently raised $75 million in their biggest funding round. This marks the largest venture capital investment ever made in Bangladesh and secures ShopUp’s status as a pioneer of e-commerce innovation.

shopup 75m series valar ventures 100m singhtechcrunch

SXC Global Investment LLC led the investment, joined by Lightspeed India Partners and Dar Nadaprasiddhi Momand from Great Eastern Capital Ltd. The funding round also saw participation from FMO, the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank; Good Capital; DOB Equity; Venturra Capital; SG Innovate; K2 Global Invest Co.; Cryptobay Investments Ltd. and other investors.

ShopUp will use the new funds to provide more support to local Bangladeshi businesses, including bank financing, vendor solutions, logistics services, customer service, and technology uptake. Additionally, this investment allows ShopUp to continue empowering local business owners looking for opportunities and markets online.

ShopUp had previously raised $14 million from Good Capital in 2019, making the recent raise their second major funding round since its founding in 2017. The company is now focused on using the investment funds to further expand its network across Bangladesh by adding more products & services for sellers nationwide and enhancing its financial services offerings for more than 1.2 million merchants operating via their platform so far.

Impact of the Investment

This significant investment in e-commerce platform ShopUp marks the largest funding mission ever conducted in Bangladesh and is poised to revolutionise the country’s digital economy. The investment has far-reaching implications, not only for small businesses, but also for the Bangladesh economy as a whole.

The innovative financing from global technology investors will help provide economic growth opportunities to millions of small businesses in Bangladesh who have largely lacked access to capital. ShopUp will enable these small enterprises to benefit from online selling, making them more competitive worldwide. Additionally, its platform provides access to customers nationwide, creating new markets and avenues for expansion.

Furthermore, this investment will accelerate digital transformation across domestic industries by fueling further investments in technology infrastructure such as platforms, payment methods and logistics systems. This will create an avenue for economic growth while broadening opportunities for Bangladeshi entrepreneurs. The new digital infrastructure is expected to lead to more local job creation by providing lucrative business opportunities both within e-commerce and beyond it.

Overall this record-breaking fundraising mission serves as a promising beacon of progress that could set Bangladesh on a path towards becoming a significant player in the global e-commerce sector. It marks an exciting first step towards unlocking potential for a vibrant digital economy that drives new industry ecosystems and generates long term growth prospects for Bangladeshi citizens.

ShopUp’s Expansion in Bangladesh

Commerce platform ShopUp has just announced that it has raised $75 million in Bangladesh’s largest funding round.

The startup, which provides a platform for small businesses in Bangladesh to expand online and reach a broader customer base, has just reached a major milestone that will open up huge opportunities for growth in the country.

This will have a significant impact on ShopUp and the way that it can empower small businesses in Bangladesh in the future.

ShopUp’s Growth in Bangladesh

ShopUp, a commerce platform focused on empowering small businesses in Bangladesh, has raised $75 million in its largest funding mission ever. This news comes off the back of strong growth in the number of merchants using their platform across Bangladesh, as well as sustained expansion into other areas of South Asia.

The $75 million was raised from a fantastic pool of investors which included Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing, Earlybird Ventures and first-time investors such as Allianz X. With this new capital injection ShopUp will continue to develop their market-leading position in Bangladesh, driving localised growth and more than doubling the current number of merchants on their platform by 2022.

shopup 75m series valar 100m singhtechcrunch

The funding will also be invested into further geographic expansion as ShopUp aims to build on its success across South Asia, notably in Nepal and India. With this extra finance to support operations, they plan to deepen relationships with existing partners while engaging new ones holding considerable potential for further growth and team expansion.

Their mission to support micro entrepreneurs serves around 50 million MSMEs across Bangladesh by providing them with innovative digital solutions that allow them to engage with more customers via digital channels and make transactions faster using secure payment gateways. In addition, Access Pioneers (backed by Allianz X) plans to extend insurance services for over ShopUp’s 15 hundred merchants to mitigate risk associated with digital payments and e-commerce investments from its supported merchants/businesses.

Adding up all these successes together it’s clear that ShopUp is not just supporting the development of local businesses in Bangladesh but ultimately creating opportunities for people all over South Asia looking for ways to improve their livelihoods through innovative digital solutions. By joining forces with financial institutions like AllianzX who also recognize these opportunities they look forward to continuing leading the way towards socially meaningful investment opportunities that both provide returns while delivering qualitative impact directly impacting local communities at large scale.

How ShopUp is Empowering Small Businesses in Bangladesh

ShopUp, the commerce platform, raised $75 million in what is currently the largest funding mission in Bangladesh. The mission was achieved with a focus on empowering small businesses in Bangladesh to provide financial independence and create jobs for thousands of people across the country.

The platform allows shop owners to come together through an online marketplace and create an efficient rural-urban distribution system to help streamline their commerce activities from procurement and supply chain management, to creating digital profiles website development.

More than 8.5 million users have utilised ShopUp to set up and manage their business, spanning farmer-sellers, local retailers and small manufacturers. Currently this financial mission has enabled ShopUp to go beyond solving the logistical constraints when it comes to running a business but enabling them with support programs such as e-commerce training, access to finance and improved logistic networks that are provided at no cost.

This allows those parts of these ecosystems to access new markets and reduce their transaction costs while gaining insights into pricing options that may not be available otherwise at the local level markets.

In addition, new entrepreneurship initiatives are being taken by connecting retail entrepreneurs with various investors within smaller towns so that they can grow and develop more locally based businesses throughout Bangladesh.

ShopUp’s Future Plans

With the recent influx of $75 million in funding, Commerce platform ShopUp has become the largest venture-backed startup in Bangladesh. The funding will help empower small businesses in Bangladesh by giving them access to the global market and allowing them to expand their businesses.

In this section, we’ll discuss ShopUp’s plans for the future, and how they intend to use their funding to make an impact.

ShopUp’s Plans for Expansion

ShopUp, a commerce platform that enables small businesses in Bangladesh to access more customers, has recently raised $75 million in Bangladesh’s largest funding mission. This substantial infusion of capital will support ShopUp as the country’s leading strategic partner for SMEs, enabling them to increase their reach and profit potential.

ShopUp’s plans for expansion include:

  • Expanding its efforts to empower small business owners in Bangladesh through developing new products and services.
  • Improving existing ones.
  • Enhancing its technology and operational capacities.

Through this expansion, ShopUp hopes to make it easier for SMEs to connect with consumers and continue adding value with exceptional customer experiences.

In addition, the company is continuing its focus on providing tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of Bangladeshi SMEs by offering regional support such as language translation services on its platform. As part of this effort, ShopUp is also looking into offering discounts on select purchases made through their platform for customers who utilise local payment gateways such as bKash or DBBL Rocket so that both small business owners and consumers can benefit from reduced costs without sacrificing payment convenience.

Furthermore, ShopUp looks to build partnerships with various stakeholders such as financial institutions, distributors, large partners and industry players interested in further advancing the cause of Bangladeshi SMEs through investing in innovation together. The company plans to continue growing its community of stakeholders while actively keeping the communication channels open to ensure an efficient exchange of knowledge and resources between all parties involved.

ShopUp’s Plans for Impact

ShopUp, a commerce platform, raised $75 million in Bangladesh’s largest ever funding mission. The company aims to empower small businesses and enable access to a wider range of services, goods, and customers nationwide. These funds will be used to improve ShopUp’s various offerings such as its e-commerce platform, digital payments services and more.

shopup 75m series ventures 100m singhtechcrunch

ShopUp’s plans for impact go beyond just creating improved offerings. Through its mission to empower small businesses in Bangladesh and enable access to a wider range of services, goods, and customers nationwide, ShopUp is creating new employment opportunities and better earning potential for hundreds of thousands of people throughout Bangladesh.

The funding will enable ShopUp to invest further in sustainable business practices to make an even greater social impact on the long-term scale. These investments include innovative financing solutions that provide:

  • Merchants with access to necessary capital at fair terms.
  • Expanding the range of products offered on its e-commerce platform.
  • Exploring partnerships with leading institutions so that even more customers can trust the safety of their online transactions with ShopUp.

With this round of funding and its substantial plans for impacting local economies both big and small within Bangladesh over time, ShopUp is poised to lead the technological advancement as it powers local economic growth in the coming years.

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