Valar Ventures is a leading venture capital firm,ShopUp is a B2B commerce startup that helps businesses streamline their operations

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Valar Ventures, a leading venture capital firm led by Peter Thiel, has recently announced a $75M round in B2B commerce startup, ShopUp. The investment, led by Valar Ventures, also included participation from existing investors such as Index Ventures, Bessemer Ventures, Y Combinator, and new investors.

This latest funding round demonstrates a strong commitment from investors to the growth and development of the ShopUp platform.

Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures leads $75M round in B2B commerce startup ShopUp

Valar Ventures is a leading venture capital firm based in San Francisco, founded by Peter Thiel and James Fitzgerald. Valar invests across a variety of industries, including technology and healthcare. Its specific focus areas are on companies developing innovative technologies, platforms and business models in fintech, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), cloudA , mobile and blockchain-related technologies.

As an early-stage VC firm, Valar has invested in some of the most successful startups worldwide including Shopify, TransferWise, Wealthfront, Element AI and WhatsApp.

Valar Ventures’ commitment to technological innovation makes them a strong partner for B2B commerce startup ShopUp. With Valar’s support, ShopUp has rapidly expanded its operations by tapping into global markets at scale while expanding their market reach in existing markets they serve. The recent $75M fundraising round led by Valar will help ShopUp invest further in developing new solutions to best fit customers’ needs through AI/ML solutions, blockchain technologies or other toolkits developed in-house or through strategic partnerships with innovative tech companies around the world.

Overview of ShopUp

ShopUp is a B2B commerce startup that provides businesses with an integrated platform to streamline their operations. Founded in 2020 by Trevor Naji and Muf Salehi, ShopUp offers a full suite of enterprise-grade tools to optimise supply chain processes. By partnering with Valar Ventures, the shop can draw on the venture capital firm’s global network and deep expertise across various sectors, including logistics, retail and finance.

Through its series B round, Valar Ventures has invested $75 million in ShopUp to help the startup continue to scale its business. This major funding round brings together world-renowned investors from Peter Thiel’s team at Valar Ventures and leading venture firms such as Founders Fund and Sequoia Capital. The funds will help shop expand its platform capabilities into new markets worldwide, build out stronger product offerings for existing customers, and build out more advanced technologies for eCommerce platforms

ShopUp enables businesses of any size to seamlessly manage their entire inventory and product life-cycle from pre-order up to delivery to maximise their efficiency without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction. With intelligent automation features by ShopUp such as auto replenishment (AI aware restocking) or speedy fulfilment (prompt delivery), shop owners are able to dramatically reduce their costs while delivering better customer experience. Business owners will also have access to innovative analytics insights that can be used to make strategic decisions about what to stock – all from one consolidated dashboard interface.

Valar Ventures

Valar Ventures is a leading venture capital firm that provides investments in innovative companies. Founded in 2010 by Peter Thiel, Valar Ventures has made over 200 investments in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Valar Ventures’ recent investments include a $75 million round into ShopUp, a B2B commerce startup that helps businesses streamline their operations.

Let’s look at how Valar Ventures is providing a powerful force of capital for the disruption of traditional business models.

Investment portfolio

Valar Ventures has announced its investment portfolio, which includes companies across a wide range of industries, as part of its continued commitment to providing venture capital funding and support for high-growth technology companies. Notable investments include ShopUp, an innovative B2B commerce startup that helps businesses streamline their operations. Led by Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures and joined by Germany-based Earlybird VC, FII Tech Growth and Global Founders Capital, ShopUp has raised $75M in Series A funding.

Valar Ventures also holds strategic investments in a variety of other promising startups including:

  • Brave Software: Open source web browser
  • Glomex: Provider of satellite internet and TV services
  • Lattice: A platform for HR insights
  • Dashbot: AI powered customer service platform and analytics tool
  • Klarna AB: Sweden-based ecommerce payment provider
  • GymPact: Fitness tracking app that rewards users for reaching their goals

Investment strategy

At Valar Ventures, we believe in taking a long-term view of our investments. Our team’s core belief is that, through creative thinking and smart risk-taking, any company can become bigger and more valuable in the future. Our investment strategy is therefore to identify startups with potential for foundational shifts that can unlock large markets with new products, services and business models.

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Our general approach involves:

  • Assessing how big a market opportunity exists.
  • Understanding customer needs and trends.
  • Verifying customer acquisition traction.
  • Evaluating engineering/product design capabilities.

In addition to analysing macro trends and market landscape opportunities, our team spends significant time interviewing founders and stakeholders to understand the company’s vision before making a final investment decision.

In the case of ShopUp, this startup caught our attention because it presents an interesting solution for small business owners often not well served by existing B2B commerce companies. In addition, we saw this as an opportunity to partner with entrepreneurs building innovative technology solutions with large customer segments underserved by current solutions – from product sourcing to automated billing – which ultimately provide them with competitive advantages in their context of operations. Ultimately our decision came down to believing that ShopUp could significantly improve operational efficiency for SMEs.

With the support of this round of funding from Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures, we are now excited to see ShopUp explore its vision further during this incredible journey!

Investment philosophy

Valar Ventures is built on the core belief that entrepreneurs come first. Valar Ventures focuses its investments in innovative B2B commerce startups as part of a disciplined investment philosophy that focuses on partnership and collaboration with entrepreneurs throughout their startup journey. At Valar Ventures, entrepreneurship is at the heart of our platform – we actively track, review and invest in exciting businesses through a world-class network of relationships and resources.

As part of the investment strategy, Valar Ventures led a $75 million round in ShopUp, an emerging company focused on simplifying business operations with automated workflows and efficient inventory management tools. In addition, we bring relevant value to budding entrepreneurs by providing our hands-on expertise and access to resources that are not accessible to most companies at early stages of development.

Our goal is to invest money in promising high-growth startups and provide lasting guidance and support in areas such as accounting guidelines, market analysis, business modelling, technology roadmap planning and product roadmap validation. At Valar Ventures, we listen intently to our portfolio companies’ needs and carefully select opportunities aligned with their goals while providing value beyond angel or venture capital infusions.


Valar Ventures, a venture capital firm founded by Peter Thiel, recently led a $75 million round in ShopUp, a B2B commerce startup.

ShopUp is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses streamline their operations, offering tools and services to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

This article will look into what ShopUp offers and how it can benefit businesses.

Company overview

ShopUp is an online B2B commerce platform that provides SMEs with a comprehensive suite of tools and services to manage their supply chain, streamline their operations, and drive revenue. The company was founded in 2017 by CEO Jigar Doshi and CTO Satish Kumar. It has grown rapidly, with investors such as Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures leading a $75 million round of financing in 2020 to help it expand even further.

ShopUp’s mission is to make B2B commerce faster, easier and more efficient by connecting buyers and sellers with an intuitive platform that offers everything SMEs need to create successful supply relationships. With features like digital catalogues and automatic backordering, ShopUp allows businesses to grow their sales platforms quickly, giving them a distinct competitive edge in the market. On top of this, ShopUp analytics provide valuable insights into customers’ buying behaviours which can be used to optimise operations accordingly. In short, ShopUp makes it simpler for businesses of all sizes to build profitable relationships while powering growth.

Product offerings

ShopUp is a B2B commerce of many products and services to help businesses simplify operations, streamline processes, increase efficiency and boost profits. The company offers a powerful online platform to purchase and manage supplies, track payments, organise customer data, generate reports, and create supplier invoices. ShopUp also provides business intelligence solutions to enhance decision-making capabilities and facilitate better decisions quickly.

The products offered by ShopUp range from enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to supply chain management tools, customer relationship management (CRM) software tools and compliance solutions. Additionally, the platform offers specialised products in areas such as inventory management, retail optimization and loyalty programs. These offerings enable businesses of any size or activity level to identify the best growth opportunities and effectively manage their assets and resources while easily ensuring regulatory compliance.

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With its leading-edge technology and comprehensive suite of products addressing every aspect of operations across multiple industry sectors including manufacturing, retailing, healthcare providers among others; ShopUp arms its users with new insights into their daily operations that helps accelerate decision-making processes for ultimate performance optimization.

Business model

ShopUp is a B2B commerce startup founded in 2020 and backed by leading venture capital firm, Valar Ventures. Valar’s $75 million investment allows ShopUp to offer its customers an enhanced suite of business services to streamline their operations.

ShopUp provides a comprehensive range of services including website design and development, back-end integration with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, credit card processing, inventory management, and customer relationship management (CRM). As well as providing these services directly to businesses, ShopUp also offers its technology to third-party providers wishing to offer services on their clients’ behalf.

ShopUp aims to make it easy for businesses to develop a profitable online presence without worrying about complicated software integration or manual processes. Its platform includes simple drag and drop tools that allow customers to design their websites while receiving support from the company’s specialists. The ability for customers to self-manage much of their operations reduces the need for additional staff or outsourcing costs which can help businesses save money in the long run. Additionally, ShopUp provides analytics capabilities that give customers clear visibility into their website’s performance and opportunities they can pursue to further grow their business.

Investment Round

Valar Ventures, founded by tech investor Peter Thiel, announced today that it led a $75 million round in B2B commerce startup ShopUp.

With this round, ShopUp has raised $140 million in investments. This $75 million investment, combined with the previous rounds, will enable the company to build upon its existing technology and accelerate its growth in the market.

Amount raised

Valar Ventures, a venture capital firm founded in 2010 by Peter Thiel, recently led a $75 million round into B2B commerce startup ShopUp. This is the first investment round led by Valar Ventures and signals the startup’s promising potential.

ShopUp provides digital solutions for businesses that makes it easier to streamline their operations. This round was joined by existing investors Avanta Venture Partners, Pearl Abyss and SoftBank Ventures Asia, and new investors such as Blume Ventures, SIG and Beenext.

Valar’s investment into the startup marks an exciting new milestone for ShopUp – now with access to a wide range of industry-leading technology partners, resources and contacts from Valar, this newfound ability to scale will bring tremendous value towards the startup’s growth ambitions. With this recent injection of funds, ShopUp looks forward to taking things to the next level both domestically within Bangladesh as well beyond its borders internationally.


The announcement of this investment round was met with great enthusiasm from backers of both Valar Ventures and ShopUp. Peter Thiel’s venture capital firm is well known for investing in ethical, innovative, and disruptive technologies and companies. Other major venture funds join them in the round, including: QED Investors, Spark Capital, Tigress Financial Partners, FJ Labs, Mildred Hill Capital, BurdaPrincipal Investments GMBH, Empire State Development Corporation and Digital Currency Group.

These investors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that will be invaluable to ShopUp as they continue to develop their products and services.

Use of funds

With the recent investment from Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures, ShopUp will use the funds to further develop their product and expand their services to additional markets. The raised capital is expected to be used for recruiting and training staff, acquisition, research and development of new technologies, and marketing activities.

Additionally, ShopUp plans to use the influx of money to expand into new international markets and create several strategic partnerships with businesses across different industries.

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With these investments, ShopUp is positioning itself as a B2B commerce sector leader with continued growth potential.


Valar Ventures’ recent 75 million dollar investment in B2B commerce startup ShopUp has been a game-changer in terms of its impact on the industry. The round was led by Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal, who has invested in some of the most successful startups in the world.

With this investment, ShopUp is well-positioned to become the go-to platform for businesses looking to streamline and scale their operations.

Benefits to ShopUp

Valar Ventures’ $75M investment in ShopUp provides numerous benefits for the B2B commerce startup. This significant round of funding will help ShopUp expand its operations and continue to provide innovative services to small businesses worldwide. ShopUp’s technology provides an easy-to-use platform that simplifies business operations, from supplier management to inventory forecasting.

Having Valar Ventures lead its latest funding round gives the company access to large-scale resources and deep venture capital expertise that will allow it to grow quickly and efficiently.

In addition, the infusion of capital reinforces growth forecasts for ShopUp, builds strong relationships with global investors such as Peter Thiel, adds talent with bench strength, and adds credibility among potential partners. With Valar Ventures’ backing, ShopUp gains access to rapidly scaling partnerships with industry leaders that can further fuel its development. This combination of strategic investments is helping the company rapidly mature its services and reach new heights in market penetration and product expansion.

Benefits to Valar Ventures

The $75 million round led by Peter Thiel’s venture capital firm Valar Ventures in B2B commerce startup ShopUp will be a boon to Valar. It will provide the venture capital firm with an equity stake in a rapidly growing company and expose them to the global market and create strong rapport with other investors.

The advantages of this venture should not be underestimated:

  1. The financial benefit for Valar could be substantial as ShopUp grows in size and valuation.
  2. This investment provides valuable insights into the highly competitive global e-commerce environment, allowing Valar to keep abreast of trends and developments in the market.
  3. This move will likely boost their reputation with fellow investors and attract more capital into their fund as they expand.

In short, Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures looks poised to reap substantial rewards from its investment in ShopUp through financial returns and strategic relationships. Furthermore, this cash injection may prove critical for ShopUp’s growth plans, providing greater resources for product development, marketing campaigns, and operational expansions when many startups struggle due to COVID-19 induced disruptions.

Impact on the industry

The investment of $75 million from Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures in ShopUp is viewed as a major step for the B2B commerce industry, as ShopUp becomes one of the biggest companies to be backed by top equity opinion leaders. In addition, this strategic partnership will greatly impact the B2B commerce business across Bangladesh, where ShopUp originally hails from.

The investment exemplifies Valar’s drive to identify scalable solutions and help them realise their full potential. ShopUp’s expertise and knowledge in helping businesses streamline their operations is further solidified with this major injection of funds. This will take them leaps and bounds ahead with product development, growth and expansion into other markets.

The newly announced capital infusion is expected to benefit ShopUp and other associated businesses, such as suppliers and distributors who rely heavily on its services for efficient functioning amidst powerful market competition. The additional funding resulting from this alliance will directly result in improved customer satisfaction due to better features and services offered by ShopUP. Moreover, longtime customers can now expect enhanced transaction facilitation capabilities from the startup to meet their needs better than before. 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