The 2021 MLB Draft

The 2021 MLB Draft is an event in which Major League Baseball (MLB) teams select amateur baseball players to join their organization. It is held each year in June and will take place this year from Thursday, July 11th to Wednesday, July 15th.

This year’s draft will feature a total of 160 picks from the first round through the fifth round, with the final rounds taking place on a later date.

This overview will provide a brief insight into the draft and the choices that teams will have.

What is the 2021 MLB Draft?

The 2021 Major League Baseball (MLB) Draft is the annual amateur draft held in June by MLB. This year, the draft is tentatively scheduled to begin on July 11, 2021 and will run through Friday, July 16. The first selection in the 2021 MLB Draft will be held by the Detroit Tigers, who will make their decision on Monday, June 7.

Throughout the six-day event, each team selects up to 40 players from high school or college players who have been eligible for this year’s draft. On Rounds 1-2 are like you that are considered “Competitive Balance Rounds,” where teams can voluntarily trade picks with other teams to help other teams gain an advantage in signing talented players. All 30 selections made during Rounds 3 – 10 will become part of a team’s regular minor league roster and future prospects. Also included in these rounds are “Automatic Assignment” picks which allow teams to assign prospects already signed by another team to minor league rosters if they choose to do so after examining a player’s potential performance or suitability for their organization’s needs.

Players that are selected during later rounds may not sign with the team directly but can negotiate terms over a period of weeks prior to being officially signed. A majority of these years prospects will opt for college scholarships as a means of furthering their education and MLB career opportunity options if applicable down the line – this is why some athletes may not be “officially” signed until after the draft has concluded entirely for that particular year depending on circumstances and negotiations leading up until then or afterwards.

How does the draft work?

The MLB draft occurs each year in June, and it is a three-day event. The 2021 MLB draft will begin on Monday, July 11th and conclude on Wednesday, July 13th.

During the three days of the draft, teams select amateur U.S., Canadian, and international players who meet the qualifications — including age (at least 17 years old), relevant experience, and other criteria — set forward by Major League Baseball (MLB).

The selection order for the first round of the 2021 draft is based on teams’ 2020 win-loss records. For each subsequent round, eligible teams will continue to choose in this order until 41 total rounds of drafting are completed. Any team that fails to sign one of its picks can lose a round for its negligence during next year’s draft. Additionally, any team that fails to use all or part of their bonus pool allocation money to sign players can suffer a penalty the following year as well.

At the conclusion of 41 rounds in 2021 — which could potentially be extended if any rounds are forfeited — teams have signed their new additions to their minor league systems ready for summer training camps ahead of spring training kicking off during March 2022.

This concludes our overview of the 2021 MLB Draft; we hope this guide helped answer your questions!

Key Dates

The 2021 MLB Draft is set to take place on July 11th, 2021. The event is the annual event for drafting amateur baseball players in the United States and is one of the most anticipated MLB events of the year.

Here, we will outline all the key dates you need to know for the 2021 MLB Draft.

When is the 2021 mlb draft

The 2021 Major League Baseball Draft will take place from Thursday, July 11th through Saturday, July 13th. The MLB draft is an annual event in which Major League Baseball teams select new amateur players to join their respective teams. The first day of the draft is traditionally called “Round 1”, while the other days are called “Supplemental Rounds”. Players selected in this draft have the opportunity to sign with any team that meets their price and/or player demands.

The 2021 MLB Draft will begin on Thursday, July 11th at 7:00 pm ET with Round 1 on MLB Network and digitally across all MLB social platforms, followed by Rounds 2-5 (streamed live on On Friday, July 12th and Saturday, July 13th supplemental rounds will be streamed exclusively on beginning at 1:00 pm each day. Coverage of each Draft round is scheduled for seven hours both days for a total of 27 hours over the three days of coverage from Studio 42 at MLB Network’s headquarters in Secaucus, NJ.

What are the key dates for the draft?

The Major League Baseball (MLB) amateur draft for 2021 is scheduled for July 11–13. The MLB Draft is a three-day event, with each day dedicated to a round and conducted over the internet and in person. On Day 1, the first two rounds will be completed as well as Competitive Balance Rounds A and B, if applicable. On Day 2, rounds 3-10 will take place. On Day 3, rounds 11-40 will be conducted.

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The Pre-Draft Showcase (including Exam/Physicals) must occur between June 13 – June 18, 2021; those listed on MLB Central Scouting’s Report are required to attend. Players must check in on June 13th for the testing portion at 4:00 PM ET. All players must leave the hotel by 10:00 AM ET on June 19th for their return home.

Prospective draftees who reside outside of North America and choose not to attend Exam/Physicals in St. Petersburg Florida will instead be coordinated directly with Major League Baseball International Logistics Team so that they can take part in a remote version of these exams between April 14th – April 20th 2021, or are exempt if they’ve completed one during 2020 or earlier in 2021 in their home country or at another institution than what is indicated above.

In addition to the Draft dates specified above all clubs must identify their selections no later than five minutes prior to turn at bat with each round commencing immediately thereafter until its completion; same time limit pertains if team goes over time window allotted before forfeiting its selection(s). It is also worth noting that this year there will be no secondary phase of the draft taking place after the first 150 picks have been taken as during previous years when remaining eligible players were able select teams from anywhere within league make up; instead teams may sign undrafted free agents after conclusion of primary stage selection process.*

Draft Order

The 2021 MLB Draft is scheduled to take place July 11-13. The draft order will be determined using a weighted lottery system that takes into account records from the 2020 and 2021 seasons. In addition, the number of rounds has been reduced from 40 to 20 for this year’s draft.

Let’s take a closer look at the draft order for the 2021 MLB Draft.

How is the draft order determined?

The draft order for the 2021 Major League Baseball (MLB) Draft is based on the reverse order of MLB teams’ regular-season standings in 2020. Therefore, those with the worst record will make their picks first, while those with the best record will make their picks last.

By way of example, the Kansas City Royals had the worst regular-season record in 2020, meaning they would select first overall in the draft. Conversely, the Los Angeles Dodgers had baseball’s best regular season record and thus earned themselves last pick of each round. In addition to determining several compensatory or “sandwich” round picks after Round 1 (see below), this same process is used to determine each pick through Round 10.

Once Round 10 concludes and teams begin making supplemental selections after that point – Rounds 11-40 -the draft order changes and will be determined by a lottery system that varies annually while also taking into account competitive balance considerations from previous drafts. A number of teams are assigned lottery balls based on their market size and recent win/loss records (example: smaller market & below .500 for three years within a five year window) to determine opportunity for supplemental picks following Round 10.

Who has the first pick in the 2021 MLB Draft?

The 2021 MLB Draft will take place on July 11-13, 2021. The Detroit Tigers have the first pick of the draft, having clinched the worst record in Major League Baseball in 2020. The Baltimore Orioles have the second pick, followed by the Miami Marlins and Kansas City Royals respectively. The Oakland Athletics hold the fifth overall selection, completing the first five picks of this year’s draft.

The order of all 30 teams for Rounds 1-5 are determined by reverse order of win-loss records from the previous season. The remaining rounds 6-40 will be based on competitive balance lottery selections – with those selections all being made before Round 1. Teams can trade their picks prior to and during drafts; these trades may involve players or other draft picks such as 2022 MLB Draft Picks and 2023 MLB Draft Picks depending on when they are exchanged.

The 2021 MLB Draft is expected to be a deep and talented one full of high expectations from teams across baseball, so it’s important to pay attention to what each team does in preparation for this year’s draft!


The 2021 MLB Draft is scheduled for July 11-13, 2021. This year’s draft class has some highly talented players, with many expected to make an immediate impact at the professional level. Prospects from all levels of baseball are eligible to enter the draft, and scouts from all 30 major league teams will be evaluating them in the coming weeks and months.

Let’s take a look at the top prospects that are eligible for the 2021 MLB Draft.

Who are the top prospects for the 2021 MLB Draft?

The 2021 Major League Baseball draft is less than six months away and teams are beginning to analyze the upcoming crop of amateur talent. With the cancellation of the 2020 college baseball season, there have been fewer opportunities for college scouts to evaluate players and make informed decisions. Because of this, predictions will likely be more difficult to make but there are still notable top prospects that have generated a lot of buzz around them in the baseball community.

Atop this list is Vanderbilt pitcher Kumar Rocker, who throwing a no-hitter in his first career start as a freshman against Duke in 2019. He followed it up with an impressive showing for USA Baseball’s Collegiate National Team last summer which cemented his spot as one of the top arms available in this draft class. North Carolina State shortstop Terrell Tatum comes in at No. 2 on MLB Pipeline’s Top 200 Draft Prospects list and with his 6-foot-3 frame he can play both middle infield spots as well as third base and center field accordingly. Meanwhile, outfielder Dylan Crews out of Lake Mary HS (FL) rounds out the top 3 after being selected by Team USA last summer and showcasing an elite level power potential with good size (6-3, 200 pounds).

As teams continue to scour talent during what has been dubbed a “unique” draft season, these three prospects stand atop many team’s boards as they look forward to and prepare for June’s MLB Draft. Other players to watch include Arizona State first baseman Spencer Torkelson, East Carolina righthander Tyler Smith Jr., IMG AcademyHS catcher Austin Hendrick, California HS (CA) shortstop Jordan Walker and Missouri righthander TJ Sikkema among many others.

What teams are likely to select these prospects?

With the 2021 Major League Baseball Draft set to take place on July 11-13, teams are beginning to weigh their options for who they will select. Some prospects stand out more than others, and teams are likely to use their top picks on those players. While it is difficult to predict which teams will select which players in the draft, here is a look at some of the MLB prospects expected to be at the top of the board in July and some of the teams that could be interested in them.

1. Arizona Diamondbacks: Bases Randy Apartas Jr., starting pitcher Arizona State University – Partas’s combination of power and control make him a great fit for an already high-powered Diamondbacks team with tremendous pitching potential.

2. Baltimore Orioles: Brady House, shortstop at Winder-Barrow HS – House has tremendous offensive skills and good speed both in and out of the batters’ box, making him a natural fit for an infield-oriented team like the Orioles.

3. Boston Red Sox: Blaze Jordan, third baseman/first baseman/outfielder Stewarts Creek HS – The Red Sox have been searching for a middle-of-the-order bat since big names such as Mookie Betts left town, and Jordan might just be what Boston needs to power up its batting lineup on a consistent basis.

4. Chicago Cubs: Jared Kelley HS RHP Gorman Kelly is likely to be playing college ball next year with Vanderbilt but could be too hard to pass up if he falls past Arizona with this pick due to his combination of command, velocity, poise under pressure, and overall consistency as an ace-level arm throughout most every start.

5. Cincinnati Reds – Austin Hendrick Mets OF West Allegheny HS is one of several outfielders closely ranked together near this draft spot who possess plus bat speed along with tremendous athleticism fairly similar across the board; if he slides here then expect him being scooped up by Cincinnati quick despite possible concerns about plus runners leaping over Hendricks’ arm strength advantage due to size questions sometimes influencing such evaluations highly in today’s game rather than direct observation experience players have had building against Hendrick leading as far back as Pony Baseball levels early throughout his home state since youth levels started growing talent these days far earlier when compared closely historically within baseball movements dating back over forty or even fifty years or longer within American living communities from less digitalized era’s involving literally fewer media outlets covering amateur athletes of all kinds nationwide still adequately even today easily though most widely across mediums similar yet different from past times you may have sighted ever so lightly perhaps only when feeling very nostalgic so yes looking back provides tangible value somehow linking current media methods firmly into insightful proper perceptions indeed possibly ever more so taking notice right away depending entirely on how close certain topics may get connecting vividly into each persons mindset though television cinematographic pre productions occasionally rending cognizant wholesome emotional delivery forms juxtaposed aesthetically attempting visual relevance differently once before figuratively speaking at least somewhat naturally amidst impressions saturated soundly under tempered context via each persons momentary comprehension span towards any audible intellectual technical depth related towards other general learning skillcurves relative within personal vocational influence contrasted lightly upon word placement variations brought forth usually consequentially from multi composed fragmental analysis uncovering rarely expressed ideals depicted artfully connotatively through semaphores compositing illustrations otherwise not known factually based off further details identifying trends pulsating repetitively changing meanings pervasively weaved finely together maintaining spirit filled continued growth profoundly arriving undoubtedly ahead destined thankfully perfectly timed capturing source beauty harmonically bright instantly!


The 2021 MLB Draft is projected to be one of the strongest drafts in recent memory, with numerous highly-touted prospects entering the league. With such a deep pool of talent, there are certain to be a few players who make an immediate impact upon joining the MLB.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the potential impact players who could come out of the 2021 MLB Draft.

How will the 2021 MLB Draft impact the league?

The 2021 MLB Draft will have a profound effect on Major League Baseball. During the multi-day event, each team will select amateur players who can potentially make an immediate impact in the upcoming season. As teams reach across the country to build their rosters, savvy GMs will look for talented prospects that can help their teams ascend to championship-level performance.

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The Draft provides a unique opportunity for organizations to acquire some of the best talent available with minimal up-front costs. However, as every team must abide by various rules such as spending caps and draft order placement, it is important that teams construct their strategy in order to maximize returns from this draft.

As players selected in the 2021 MLB Draft begin to make waves in professional baseball leagues, it’s likely that we will get a glimpse of how teams capitalized on this opportunity to reshape their franchises and step into contention closer than ever before. With many exciting new options at the disposal of each organization—whether they go with seasoned veterans or untested rookies—there’s little doubt that we are on track to experience a remarkable shift in power between contenders in 2021 and beyond.

What teams are expected to benefit the most?

As the 2021 MLB Draft nears, many teams look to take advantage of the opportunity to restructure their rosters. With teams unable to sign the usual number of international and professional free agents due to a 60-game 2020 season, there may be added pressure for teams to succeed in this upcoming draft.

This draft is particularly important due to the consequences stemming from pandemic-induced revenue issues. The pandemic forced some teams into money-saving measures such as restructuring payrolls, which can limit how much they would be able to spend on signing amateur talent after the draft. This has made this draft critical for ensuring that they get valuable players when they are still relatively cheap – meaning big rewards and potential long-term benefits for those that make good decisions.

The 2021 MLB Draft is expected to benefit some teams more than others. Some teams that are expected benefit:

  • The Miami Marlins who have multiple early picks throughout the draft and a solid first pick in high school outfield Trevor Rogers from New Mexico who looks like he’ll be a 30/30 kind of player.
  • The Detroit Tigers with an impressive crop of young players led by Spencer Torkelson—the consensus top overall pick—and 3 other top 20 picks including Arizona State’s Casey Mize and Michigan’s Reece Hampton, both first rounders.
  • The San Francisco Giants who will have an opportunity with their No. 2 overall pick plus their 8 bonus picks from compensatory selections from losing star infielder Madison Bumgarner this offseason coming off a good season who may capitalize on it by bringing in some talent with their first selection being Georgia prep outfielder Dylan Crews plus having 9 total selections within the top 108 spots.
  • Last but not least is The Los Angeles Angels will also enter this year’s draft with two talented college pitchers — righties JT Ginn and Jack Leiter, who were taken as supplemental 1st rounders—to build up their pitching staff for them.

No matter what, every team in 2021 faces major challenges as clubs have fewer resources amid rising player costs and declining revenues from reduced attendance figures caused by social distancing policies during games. However, each team also has much at stake when it comes to winning in this pivotal year’s MLB Draft.

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