The Strengths Of Jon Jones and Anderson Silva

Jon Jones, one of the prime MMA fighters, is considered one of the greatest fighters of all time. Jones has a potent blend of speed, technique, and athleticism that have enabled him to be successful against various opponents. His lengthy reach and diverse strikes have made him one of the most feared fighters in the MMA world.

Let’s look at the strengths of Jon Jones and how it sets him apart from other fighters.

Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva

Jon Jones is an American mixed martial artist and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Jones began wrestling at the age of five and has since competed in multiple martial arts. He’s been successful in all the disciplines he has done, becoming a five-time world champion, a two-time Pan American champion, and a two-time National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) champion in addition to his championship title reigns.

Jones is known for his superior fighting style which combines elements of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, sambo, wrestling, kickboxing, boxing and Muay Thai. His striking technique involves delivering punches with incredible power and accuracy. He is also renowned for his mobility when dodging or defending strikes as well as his submission skills which have improved over time due to continuing refining his technique with coaches such as Eddie Bravo.

Anderson Silva is considered to be one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. His remarkable versatility allows him to defeat opponents from a variety of disciplines including boxing, Muay Thai, judo and Jiu Jitsu. Silva’s unique blend of styles have come from years of perfecting footwork, strong defense and fluid counterstriking techniques such as body shots or spinning back fists or heel hook takedowns when faced with an aggressive opponent. Unlike Jones’ striking prowess, Silva relies on calculated approach that works together with close quarters attacks like knees or elbows in favor to exploding combinations like Jones does often utilize. In addition he has been known use joe hand strikes while moving forward causing big problems for some opponents because they are difficult determine how they will strike next since Silva can throw multiple types punches on their trajectory at once making it harder for his opponents defend against him.


When it comes to comparing the strengths of MMA fighters Jon Jones and Anderson Silva, it is important to consider their different combat sports backgrounds.

Jon Jones is a former NCAA Division I Wrestler with a black belt in gaidojutsu, which is a type of Japanese submission grappling. His primary attribute is his wrestling. He has an impressive array of takedowns, throws, and sweeps at his disposal. He also has strong submission defense due to his combat sports background and very good striking defense courtesy of his gaidojutsu training. Jones has a fairly diverse striking arsenal with effective low kicks, elbows and various Muay Thai strikes mixed with some boxing punches thrown in for good measure.

Anderson Silva earned his fame in mixed martial arts from becoming the first PRIDE Middleweight Champion as well as long reign as the UFC Middleweight Champion before Jon Jones beat him in February 2020. Primarily known for his Muay Thai-based striking style – Silva has devastating power standing up where he uses a wide variety of strikes to keep opponents at bay while punishing them when they close distance or attempt to take him down. He likely formed the basis of what endeared Jon Jones’s style so much as he made use of elbows, spinning back fists and constant movement fluidly transitioning between kicks – punches – takedowns etc..that prompted some observers to call it “beautiful destruction” especially when watching highlights reels showcasing a no holds barred viciousness that was sheer art when delicately employed by Silva..

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva is regarded as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. He is a former UFC Middleweight champion, who has defended his title a record ten times. Silva has a skill set that includes a wide array of strikes, submissions, and takedowns. He is one of the most technically sound fighters in the UFC, and he has proven himself to be a prolific finisher.

Let’s take a closer look at Anderson Silva’s strengths.

Background and Fighting Style

The legendary MMA fighter Anderson da Silva, widely known as Anderson Silva, is one of the most successful martial artists in history. The Brazilian-born athlete is the longest-reigning UFC Middleweight Champion of all time. As a result, he is often regarded as one of the greatest mixed martial artists ever to compete in the octagon.

Born in April 1975 and raised in Curitiba, Brazil, Silva was introduced to Martial Arts from a very young age as his father had also trained in Judo and Capoeira. He soon developed an interest which drove him to practice Muay Thai, Karate and Jiu-Jitsu among other combat sports techniques.

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Silva’s fighting style combines various techniques from Martial Arts such as Capoeira, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu along with different kinds of kicks derived from Muay Thai. His well-rounded approach makes him comfortable fighting both on his feet or on the ground allowing him to adapt easily when facing any kind of opponent such as former rival Josh Koscheck or Jon Jones who are renowned for their wrestling skills or added height respectively.

On one hand we have Josh Koscheck with strong Greco Roman/freestyle wrestling background while Jon Jones has an additional 15 cm (6”) reach advantage (~84 inches) which allow them great positional control during fights; yet Anderson Silva has triumphed both opponents making use of timing combined with cutting angles when striking decisively connecting with calculated precision over his rivals defense lines. Furthermore he uses faints which create space between them setting up potential counters with pouncing speed that seems faster than lightening to clinch submission victories when battling grappling opponents like said fighters Josh Koscheck or Jon Jones.


Anderson Silva is widely revered by mixed martial arts fans around the world as one of the greatest fighters to ever step into an octagon. The former UFC middleweight champion is known for his flashy striking skills and lethal accuracy, knocking out some of the best in the business on his way to becoming the longest reigning champion in UFC history. Anderson Silva’s style of combat is based on quick reflexes and precision striking, enabling him to control the distance and angle of any engagement with his opponents. His combination of Muay-Thai style kickboxing, combined with a mastery in Capoeira fighting makes matchup difficult against any opponent he faces.

In addition to his powerful striking abilities, Anderson Silva also holds a wealth of submission skills which have been honed over many years of practice. He has won several fights through a combination of joint-locks, chokes and throws; using these submission techniques effectively during scrambles and backtaking sequences shows off his knowledge and depth in grappling. Anderson’s ability to avoid taking damage while controlling scrambles allows him to tire opponents out while avoiding strikes on himself during takedown attempts.

Lastly, Anderson’s legendary mental focus requires special attention when considering his strengths. Silva is typically composed between rounds even when faced with adversity, which allows him stay focused for longer periods compared to his opponents who can become easily distracted due to ill-timed taunts or over aggression from “The Spider” himself. This level headed approach allows him control when needed; preventing himself from becoming reckless in order capitalize on errors made by other contenders during stressful moments in high pressure situations such as championship bouts or title eliminator fights – all key advantages held by “The Spider” over other contenders like Jon Jones against whom he’ll compete where applicable – no matter what weaknesses are there – concerning that particular individual matchup at hand!


When we compare the two Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva, it is interesting to look at the different strengths each of them bring to the octagon. While both fighters have achieved great success in the sport, there are some distinct differences in the way they approach their fights and the strengths they possess.

In this article, we will be comparing the strengths of Jon Jones and Anderson Silva, taking into account their accomplishments in MMA.


When it comes to striking, both Jon Jones and Anderson Silva have impressive martial arts backgrounds. Jones is an accomplished Greco-Roman wrestler who also participates in kickboxing, Muay Thai and Jiu-jitsu. On the other hand, Anderson Silva has a background in Muay Thai and Jiu-jitsu.

In terms of pure striking, both fighters have impressive power and precision with their punches and kicks. Jones is known for his long reach, which he takes full advantage of when unleashing combinations from range. Meanwhile, Silva has sharpened his standup game over the years to become a dangerous striker who can surprise his opponents with unexpected counters.

When it comes to true striking ability, however, there is no clear winner between the two as both possess equally lethal skill sets that could put even the most well prepared foes on the canvas.


When comparing the grappling skills of two mixed martial arts legends like Jon Jones and Anderson Silva, it’s important to consider both stand-up and ground game scenarios. Although Jon Jones is known for his devastating stand-up attacks, his takedowns and submissions are also extremely effective. His trip takedowns are especially dangerous and he is adept at forcing opponents against the cage before maneuvering them to the ground with a single or double leg takedown.

Anderson Silva is also adept at taking opponents down to the ground and has earned multiple submission victories over his storied career. He excels at dragging his opponents to the mat using a combination of trips and sweeps, where he can quickly change levels into a double leg takedown or single leg takedown. On the ground, Silva knows how to control positions as well as capitalize on any mistakes made by his opponent to secure a submission victory.

Mental Strength

Mental strength is one of the key factors in any athletic competition. Jon Jones and Anderson Silva are renowned for the extraordinary mental strength they possess that sets them apart from other athletes in their respective sports.

Jones has displayed profound mental toughness in the face of unprecedented pressure, particularly during his rise to the top of UFC Light Heavyweight Division. In many ways, Jones exemplifies what it means to be a champion; he is willing to fight tirelessly until the end, forever putting himself on a higher pedestal as a professional fighter. As for Silva, he is an emotional powerhouse who channels his energy efficiently and effectively. Whether he’s confidently walking out to face off against an opponent or celebrating an elusive victory with class and poise, Silva knows when to step up and push forward through competition’s toughest moments.

In conclusion, both Jones and Silva share similar attributes of mental strength inside and outside of the octagon—from aggressive pre-fight preparation to unmatched poise when facing defeat. By using sharp focus techniques, visualization techniques, and other psychological tools like positive self-talk or mantra repetition before entering into a physical competition both fighters have been able to put themselves at ease under great pressure—an advantage that can’t go unnoticed when striving for success at the highest level within their sport.

Overall Analysis

Comparing former MMA fighters Jon Jones and Anderson Silva is a difficult task. Both athletes were two of the most talented and accomplished fighters ever, with each boasting an illustrious career across the UFC, Pride fighting Championship and Strikeforce circuits. When judged side-by-side, it is arguable that Jon Jones holds a slight edge in both skillset and accomplishment.

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Jones was widely cited as having the most impressive physical tools used by any mixed martial artist in history; he stands at 6’4″ tall and has a 84.5” reach. He is an impressively balanced fighter combining elite level wrestling, boxing and jiu-jitsu savvy into an incredibly potent package inside the octagon. His accolades span serious length including: 2 x Light Heavyweight champion title holder for UFC (the youngest titleholder in UFC history at 23y/o); Record for most wins in UFC light heavyweight division; Record for longest winning streak (13w) within all divisions; Two time Sherdog “Fighter of the Year”; Seven successful title defenses; 9 knockouts, 8 submissions.; 16 victories inside UFC by way of stoppage.

Meanwhile Anderson Silva holds two major titles: Former Middleweight champ Strikeforce & Former Middleweight Champ Ultimate Fighting Champion(UFC). He was often cited as having one of the greatest career streaks in MMA history—posting 12 consecutive wins with 10 consecutive title defenses until his knockout loss to Chris Weidman at UFC 162 on July 6th 2013. His accolades include: 16 straight wins spanning 5 yrs 7 mos & 12 Title Defenses (longest run for any Fighter in Any Weight Class). He also displayed superior evasive movements & exceptional striking total One KO win per 1 hr ,25 mins

Overall these two have achieved extraordinary success individually within their respective sports yet it could be argued that Jon Jones holds a slight edge due to physical attributes including prolonged longevity as well as greater variety within his skill set when compared to Anderson Silva’s ‘weapons.’ It thus comes down to personal preference whether one prefers Jon’s creativity & adaptability or Anderson’s precision & technique when judging the legacy between these two MMA icons.

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